Donna’s Marathon Effort

Donna knows what it’s like to get ready for the Melbourne Marathon. Every athlete needs a dream, a good training team and a song to get energised by.

“I walk twice a week with my support worker, Michelle, up and down my home at Leach Ave. I am up to four and a half laps now. At the start of the year, I was doing three laps,” she said. Music motivates Donna to train.

“I love listening to Burn the Bright Lights by The Collective.”

Donna has been training regularly in preparation for the marathon which was held on 11 and 12 Dec, but unfortunately had to withdraw at the last minute as she needed to self-isolate. Donna was very disappointed that she was unable to participate given the effort she had put in to training.

“It was horrible. I had to have a COVID test. It made me want to cry. I will do it next year.”

Donna has taken part in the marathon for the last two years and enjoys the fun event.

“I love to walk. Someone suggested that I take part in the marathon and I was excited to do so. I want to share my walking story with as many people as possible.”

This year Donna had planned to complete the 3km course from Jolimont Station to the MCG with her support worker, Michelle. 2.5km was to be completed in her power wheelchair, transferring into a Rifton walker for the last 500m.

“I love it. My favourite bit is walking on the MCG.”

The Melbourne Marathon is an annual sporting event. The 42 km and the 3km marathon are wheelchair friendly. In 2020, Donna completed the event virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“I still enjoyed it, and I got a medal.”

Despite missing the marathon this year, Donna is determined to continue her training without a break in preparation for the MS Walk, Run and Roll in May.

“I will get straight into it!” she said. “It is a good cause. I will believe in myself and I never give up.”

Donna also plans to do the Melbourne Marathon every year. She has a message for others who want to work towards a big goal.

“Don’t give up on your dreams!” she said. “When I was little, the school said I would never walk. Look at me now!”

To read more about Donna please visit the Women With Disability Australia website

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