Eton Street team highly commended in Yooralla’s 2021 Excellence Awards

Yooralla is proud to recognise staff who have consistently demonstrated Yooralla’s values, provided exceptional service and shown innovation to ensure positive outcomes for clients.

In 2021, nineteen awards acknowledged teams and staff who had consistently demonstrated Yooralla’s values and delivered exceptional service and outcomes.

Last year, the Eton Street team were highly commended for the Customer Human Rights and Outcomes Award. The Award is for employees who demonstrate high quality customer service delivery over a sustained period, with significant positive customer outcomes. The team including Ochre Shaw, Daniel Russouw, Mirko Fontanari and Udhaya Ashok consistently showed that they were customer-focused, courageous, authentic, accountable, respectful and passionate.

Supporting skills development

The Eton Street team was nominated by Bonnie Pavard, Service Manager, Home and Living, Northern Region. Bonnie saw how the team supported residents to develop a wide range of independent living skills. These skills ranged from everyday skills, such as cleaning the house to more complex planning and cognitive tasks such as personal responsibilities and self-determination.

“Eton Street staff centre supports provided around supporting clients to understand and uphold their individual human rights,” said Bonnie.

Ensuring clients have full choice and control

During a year of unusual challenges for Eton Street clients due to COVID-19 restrictions, staff ensured that clients had full choice and control over matters that affect their lives. Some examples of the support staff provided included:

  • Supporting a client who was experiencing discrimination at work to research workplace rights in order to address the issue and negotiate a positive outcome.
  • Supporting a client to access files regarding their history from an external agency and providing assistance during the process and after the information was received.
  • Helping staff to become more aware of LGBTQIA+ diversity and able to support residents.
  • Supporting clients to manage their health and medications.

Recognition for the team

Disability Support Worker, Mirko Fontanari was delighted that the team was recognised for their work.

“I was honesty surprised about this recognition. It’s important for our service to receive more visibility and appreciation for what we are doing,” said Mirko.

Mirko’s motivation for his role is to see clients living their best life.

“I would like to see clients have a job, travelling or living independently and to see them finding their place in this world. That’s my motivation.”

Disability Support Worker, Daniel Russouw showed great humility and was surprised to receive recognition.

“I was actually a bit embarrassed as there are other people in my team, and in Yooralla, who made a greater contribution and I felt I was basically just doing what Yooralla and our clients expect from me,” said Daniel.

Daniel has described how learning from clients has broadened his knowledge and awareness.

“I am encouraged by the trust our clients have in us and am grateful for their open and rigorous discussions about issues that are holding them back. I admire the way clients strive to advocate for others who are experiencing the same difficulties.”

Congratulations to the Eton Street team on being highly commended. Your passion for your work has provided opportunities for people with disability to be independent and improve their quality of life.

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