Hannah O’Donnell wins Yooralla’s Excellence Awards 2021

2021 Excellence Awards Highlights

Hannah O’Donnell, Lead Support, Customer Incidents and Feedback has won Yooralla’s 2021 Award for Operational Goals and Service Excellence. She is recognised for building Yooralla’s culture of reporting and responding to incidents and feedback.

“I was delighted to be nominated for the award and it came as a big surprise to win. I am very grateful for the recognition I received for my work,” said Hannah.

The Operational Goals and Service Excellence Award is for an individual employee who exceeded expectations to provide a service for Yooralla employees, managers and/or customers that contributed to an operational outcome.

Building a responsive and accountable culture

Hannah was nominated by Rod Carracher, Chief Practitioner who acknowledges Hannah’s role in ensuring that incidents and customer feedback form an integral part to understand the customer experience.

“Hannah has a style of engagement that is approachable and respectful in all interactions with staff, customers and family members. She has been able to build Yooralla’s approach as an organisation that has a culture of reporting and responding in a timely manner to incidents and feedback,” said Rod.

The Awards are an important way to recognise the efforts of staff. Hannah has contributed to Yooralla to ensure it is an organisation that values ongoing improvement and accountability.

“I feel very fortunate to be in a role where I have connection with customers and colleagues across the organisation,” said Hannah.

Valuing customer feedback

Yooralla values feedback from staff and customers in order to maintain a quality service that is adaptive to the interests and requirements of people with disability.

“Hannah has contributed to the ability to respond more effectively to customer concerns, provide clearer information to the Board, establish patterns of events for further analysis and implement actions to enhance service quality,” said Rod.

Hannah’s commitment to service excellence has resulted in increased confidence from customers who trust that if they provide feedback or report an incident that it will be taken seriously and followed up.

Reflecting Yooralla’s values

As well as overseeing all incidents and feedback reported into the RiskMan system, Hannah is also a key contact on matters with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. Through Hannah’s work, Yooralla has developed a positive reputation as a reliable, consistent and compliant incident reporter.

“The leadership I have received from Jane Carter and Rod Carracher also motivates me to aim for excellence within my role. I am very proud to work within the QIS Team,” said Hannah.

Congratulations to Hannah on winning Yooralla’s 2021 Award for Operational Goals and Service Excellence. Your technical knowledge and expert guidance have improved the customer’s experience and amplified their voice.

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