Highlighting Huntington’s Awareness

The month of May marked Huntington’s Awareness month, and we participated in events including attending the Huntington’s Victoria Annual Gala Ball and celebrating Go Blue on May 22, to raise awareness of Huntington’s disease.

The month of May not only brings about the colder weather in Melbourne but globally it is used as an awareness month to bring attention to the impacts of Huntington’s Disease (HD).

At the Neurological Support Service currently 54% of our clients are living with the devastating impacts of this progressive neurological disorder. The direct genetic inheritance of Huntington’s Disease means that their families are also living with the generational trauma that the disease has brought and at times also coming to terms with their own diagnosis.

The Gala Ball

The HD Awareness month was a fantastic opportunity to involve families and clients in awareness raising activities. Due to our close relationship with Huntington’s Victoria, we were given the opportunity for 5 of our residents to attend the Annual Gala Ball on the 6 May at the Plaza Ballroom. Residents had fun getting dressed up for the event and letting it rip on the dance floor. Family members were also in attendance to enjoy the time alongside their loved ones.

Go Blue for May 22

May also saw us celebrate “Go Blue” on May 22 which also an annual event for Huntington’s awareness. Members of the Huntington’s Victoria staff along with their CEO Tammy Gardner attended an afternoon tea at Federation House at the Neuro service. Staff, residents, and visitors all dressed in blue for Huntington’s Awareness and the dining room was decorated as well. There may have been a little hiccough in the amount of blue food dye in the drinks and food, which was apparent in the blue teeth evident along with the smiles. It all added to the fun and was the cause of much laughing along with the dancing and conga line which snaked its way around the room for a few catchy tunes.

Events such as these highlight to our Huntington’s clients that they remain valued members of the broader community and services such as Yooralla and Huntington’s Victoria work in partnership to provide valued support to them as individuals and to their families.

Written by Maree Maher - Clinical Operations Manager

Supporting people with Huntington’s disease at Yooralla

Yooralla has been supporting people with Huntington’s disease and other neurological disabilities at our Neurological Support Services (NSS) in Eastern Melbourne since December 2021. The service was originally established in 1981.

The NSS houses have a state-wide reputation for our expertise in the management and care for people with progressive neurological disorders

The disability support workers and nurses who work at the sites are trained to deliver high intensity care. They have training in managing behaviours of concern, complex bowel management, urinary catheter care, dysphagia, mealtime management, Enteral feeding and tracheostomy care.

Read more about Yooralla’s NSS houses.

To learn more about how Yooralla is supporting people living with Huntington’s disease, contact us via our online form or email yoorallaconnect@yooralla.com.au

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