Join Yooralla’s Spring School Holiday program or Social Groups!

If you’d like to meet people your own age and take part in fun social activities, then we have some good news! Our Spring School Holiday program is now open for bookings.

Join in to develop your social skills and learn to plan activities, access public transport, handle money, manage your time, and increase your confidence and independence in the community.

Senior Group Manager, Community Access, Julie Gray has enjoyed seeing people of all ages access Yooralla’s Social Groups for many years.

“It’s important for people with disability to have the opportunity to make friends, increase socialisation and independence and explore events and venues with their peers,” said Julie.

“It’s incredible to see people develop and thrive by accessing a Youth or Social Group!”

Spending time with new and old friends

Megan has been with Yooralla since she was five years old. She attends one of Yooralla’s regular Social Groups and enjoys spending time with her friends.

“I love doing fun and interactive things with Yooralla,” said Megan.

“Yooralla is fun if you want to get out and be social. It's fun to hang out with people that you know and it's great to meet people that you don't know and never met before.”

Luca has been taking part in Yooralla’s Social Group programs for approximately twelve years and likes to give things a go.

“I remember last School Holidays I went with Ashleigh to Bounce in Glen Iris and we both became tired after an hour's worth of work from 12pm to 1pm,” said Luca.

Luca encourages others to join in and try something new.

“I would reckon, go for it, have fun and make new friends for the first time.”

Book now!

Yooralla offers School Holiday programs and Social Groups around Melbourne. School Holiday activities are run each term and are suitable for children, young people and young adults. Our social Groups are varied and offer activities throughout the year for children, young people and adults.

For more information, please see the full list of activities or contact Yooralla Connect 1800 966 725

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