Legal assistance and advocacy services for the Disability Royal Commission

The Disability Royal Commission recently announced that there will be Government funded services available to support people with disability and their carers to engage with the Royal Commission.

Here is a summary of the available services.

  • Free legal advisory service: this is available through National Legal Aid (NLA) and the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services (NATSILS).  People who want to engage with the Royal Commission can register their details by calling NLA on 1800 771 800. This helpline will also provide basic information, assistance and referrals.
  • Emotional support service: this is currently being provided by Beyond Blue and Lifeline Crisis Support with additional counselling serviced rolled out from October 2019.
  • Legal financial assistance scheme: the scheme helps individuals with meeting the costs of legal representation and disbursements associated with formal engagement with the Royal Commission.
  • Advisory Services: these services are available under the National Disability Advocacy Program (NDAP). NDAP advocates will be able to provide support and advice to individuals for the Royal Commission.

More information about how to access these services is available on the Royal Commission website here.

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