LGBTIQA+ Event - Your right to be yourself

The program aims to empower customers seeking to explore and express their identities and to have important conversations.

During the workshop in February, participants will be focusing on what it means to be LGBTIQA+ for people with disability, and their right to be themselves.

The details are:

When: Wednesday 5 February 2020

Where: Yooralla’s Head Office, Large Meeting Room South
Level 14, 595 Collins St, Melbourne


10.30am – 12.30pm

Session 1

For members of the Steering Group.

12.30pm – 1.20pm


A light lunch will then be provided before an afternoon workshop, where all members of the program are invited to attend.

1.30am – 3.30pm

Session 2

For all members of the program to attend a workshop.

Taxi vouchers are available upon request and a carer will be present throughout the day to assist customers, including getting to/home from the workshop.

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