Lulu Xu Highly Commended in Yooralla’s Excellence Awards 2021

2021 Excellence Awards highlights

We are starting the new year by acknowledging the fantastic achievements of Yooralla’s staff.

We held our annual awards late in 2021 to celebrate teams and individuals who worked tirelessly through the pandemic to provide quality services.

Lulu Xu, Nurse Educator in the Quality Innovations & Safeguards division has been highly commended in Yooralla’s 2021 Excellence Awards for Operational Goals and Service Excellence.

The Operational Goals and Service Excellence Award is for an individual employee who exceeded expectations to provide a service for Yooralla employees, managers and/or customers that contributed to an operational outcome.

A person-centred approach

Lulu was nominated by Margie Arthurson, Manager, Learning and Organisational Development. Her nomination was supported by Tessa McMahon and Sera Fazzari.

“Lulu respects the power and control customers have over matters that affect their lives by providing health support within a person-centred context and ensuring that they make their own informed choices and decisions,” said Margie.

Lulu has gone above and beyond the expectations of her role. She worked additional days to ensure training compliance prior to audit, delivered multiple sessions a day, changed dates and times to suit staff, and transferred courses from face-to-face to online delivery.

“I want to thank the people who kindly acknowledged my work. I feel very encouraged by this recognition. It feels good to have consistently reliable professionals on my team. I wouldn’t have made it without them!” said Lulu.

Flexibility and good communication

Lulu showed flexibility as she adapted online training sessions to best meet staff needs.

“Lulu had an optimistic approach and found positives in this mode of delivery,” said Margie.

“Lulu understands the importance of having employees who are appropriately trained and will go out of her way to ensure this happens.”

Lulu’s communication style has a positive impact. She makes herself available to keep lines of communication open and seeks clarification when needed. She is motivated to aim for excellence in her role by a desire to learn and improve.

“I value learning new things, coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new, working well as part of a team, finding a way to solve a problem, or overcome a challenge,” said Lulu.

A natural facilitator

L&OD Coordinator & Instructional Designer, Tessa McMahon admires Lulu’s ability to make learning fun and relevant.

“Everyone is engaged in her training sessions, listening and asking questions, and laughing at her jokes. She is a wonderful storyteller and works at linking training information to real life situations to help participants understand content,” said Tessa.

Learning & Organisational Development Administrator, Sera Fazzari notes that staff often provide positive feedback about Lulu.

“She demonstrates a passion for her role, respect and courage,” said Sera.

Compassion in challenging times

​​​​​​​Lulu understands how the pandemic has created a sense of uncertainty and consequently has compassion for the experience of others.

“Like most of the world at this time, as we face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our daily lives, I have struggled with feelings of despair, fear, and helplessness on occasion. One of the many steps I’ve taken to restore hope and sanity is to fill my mind with the inspiring people I work with,” said Lulu.

Lulu values spending time with customers and their families, knowing it is important to celebrate customer’s achievements in these challenging times.

“It is wonderful to share the joy of the family members and staff when they witness these achievements,” said Lulu. “I am very proud that I am working in a great team with amazing people.”

Congratulations to Lulu on being highly commended for your work. Yooralla is lucky to have such a generous and experienced facilitator provide quality training to staff.

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