Meaghan Springett Highly Commended in Yooralla’s Emerging Leader Award 2021

2021 Excellence Awards Highlights

Meaghan Springett, Service Manager, Home and Living, Eastern Region has recently been highly commended in Yooralla’s 2021 Emerging Leader Award. Meaghan volunteered and stepped up at short notice to act as Group Manager. During this time, Meaghan was able to provide clear, consistent leadership.

The Emerging Leader Award is for individual Yooralla employees, not currently in senior leadership roles, who have excelled as emerging leaders by demonstrating leadership potential. Yooralla’s annual awards recognise team and individual staff who go above and beyond the expectations of their roles.

Showing leadership

While providing leadership to the East management team, Meaghan has also gained practical experience by participating in the Leadership Development Program.

“I am very honoured to be highly commended for the Emerging Leaders award,” said Meaghan.

“I really enjoyed my time acting in the Group Manager role for two months in 2021. I felt very supported by all the other managers, and it was great to work alongside other Yooralla departments.”

Meaghan was nominated by Group Manager RRSS, Home and Living, Eastern Region, Envor Valensky, who recognises Meaghan’s ability to be accountable, courageous, an effective communicator, empathetic, collaborative, resilient, a good listener and decisive.

“Meaghan's desire to lead has pushed her to accept new roles, challenge the status quo, and accept experiences meant to guide her toward senior leadership,” said Envor.

Being adaptable

Receiving positive feedback from both internal and external stakeholders, Meaghan has shown professionalism and leadership as situations changed during COVID-19 restrictions.

“Meaghan also ensured that Yooralla's COVID Safe Plan was strictly adhered to within the region, and this ensured the continued safety of customers and staff alike,” said Envor.

Being part of a supportive team has been important to Meaghan.

“During my time at Yooralla I feel I have had a great team around me that motivates me and encourages me,” said Meaghan.

Congratulations to Meaghan on being Highly Commended. Yooralla is grateful for your positive contributions to the organisation’s workplace culture where you have shown courage to take on new responsibilities.

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