Patrick moves out of home!

The transition from living at home to living at a Yooralla residential service has been a breeze for Patrick, who moved into a Yooralla supported accommodation in February 2020.

Tinei Marembo, Service Manager at Patrick’s residence, said that Patrick’s transition into residential care was one of the most successful he has seen.

“We started with short visits where Patrick could get acquainted with the environment and the other customers living at the residence.

“These visits were always guided by Patrick and the other residents, where he stayed for as little or as long as he liked.

“Gradually, when Patrick and the other residents were ready, we extended the stays to longer periods of time, then progressing to sleepovers before he eventually moved into the residence,” he said.

Since moving into the residence in February, Patrick’s parents Chris and Debbie have been very impressed with Patrick’s standard of care.

“The house is situated in a lovely area, which was one of the first things we liked when we saw that it was a potential place for Patrick to live.

“Then we met the staff and they introduced themselves to us and we had a lot of confidence in all members of the team. It’s really reassuring to us that he is in such good hands,” Debbie said.

Chris said that everything has gone really well with the transition from home.

“Patrick is obviously very happy when we are over there. It is quite obvious that it is a direct result of the sincere care that the whole team are giving,” he said.

Tinei said that Patrick continues to thrive in his new home and has stayed in close contact with his family since the move – one of his NDIS goals.

“Mum visits regularly and is always kept informed of Patrick’s activities. We make sure to let the family know about everything Patrick is achieving.

“We are fully transparent in the way we support customers, so we fully welcome parents dropping in whenever they want and coming to visit at any time,” he said.

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