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Insight into Practice - Just Culture

Yooralla has published our new Insight into Practice: Just Culture, to demonstrate our commitment to and the benefits of a ‘Just Culture’ in the workplace.

If raising concerns or issues results in blame or punishment, this can lead to a fear of speaking up, placing staff and clients at greater risk. A Just Culture in the workplace means that everyone should feel safe to speak up.

It is not a ‘no-blame’ culture where people can get away with unacceptable behaviour or negligent disregard for standards and safety, but ensures judgement is underpinned by a fair process.

A Just Culture focuses not on ‘who did what’ but on asking questions like ‘what happened and why?’ and ‘what can we learn?’. It considers the context and examines how the work environment and elements across the wider system may have contributed to an incident.

This will help keep clients safe and uphold their human rights by balancing risks for client safety and client choice and control, while also being humane and showing empathy for staff.

A Just Culture leads to open and honest communication, engagement, and participation, where everyone is involved in making improvements. It allows for trust to be rebuilt following a complaint or incident, based on open feedback about what happened, why, and what is being done.

This Insight into Practice invites you to learn more about Just Culture, its benefits, and how it will be put in to practice including understanding the context and considering the ‘inside’ view.

Read the full Insight online or contact us on for more information.

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