Support research on acquired brain injury in children

Do you have a child with an acquired brain injury (ABI)?

The Monash School of Psychological Sciences, together with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, are looking for Victoria-based families with children with an ABI to take part in a research project at the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The research aims to understand whether a game-based attention training program can strengthen attention in children who have experienced an ABI.

Participants would take part in a training program, TALI Train, which was developed by Monash University in response to the lack of suitable non-invasive, non-pharmacological treatments to treat attention difficulties in children with an ABI.

This program is the only adaptive, game-based attention training program for young children, and has yet to be trialled in children with ABI.

Who can participate? 

Children aged 4 - 9 years who have been diagnosed with an ABI.

At least 6 months will need to have passed since the time of their injury or, in the case of ABI due to cancers, since the conclusion of treatment.

What is involved?

Phase 1 - Initially parents will complete two simple questionnaires. A cognitive assessment may be offered to your child if required.

Phase 2 - Your child will complete a game-based intervention at home for a period of 5 weeks, as well as attending four sessions at MCRI to measure changes in attention, memory, social and academic skills. Parents will also be asked to complete questionnaires at these sessions.

To learn more, contact the research team on03 99053255, or, or visit the MCRI website.

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