The importance of socialising for well-being and sense of connection

For people with disability, having the opportunity to engage with others to develop strong relationships and life skills is essential. Yooralla’s school holiday program and social groups are a great way to make new friends and develop new skills.

Being part of a group

Megan enjoys being part of Yooralla’s Croydon Cruisers social group.

‘The reason why I choose the social group is because they are a lot of fun and interesting and informative. It’s a fun thing to join a social group with Yooralla,’ said Megan.

Megan has been a valued member of the group for many years.

‘I’ve been with this group since I started with Yooralla back in Primary School when I was 5 years old. It’s a great group!’

Having fun and improving well-being

Socialising is more than just having fun, it is essential for our well-being. Being connected to people who share common interests and goals is a good way to ensure a sense of belonging and is a preventive factor for social isolation and loneliness.

Addressing social isolation is important, especially as the last two years during the pandemic has disrupted routines and the ability to connect with others in person. Social isolation can lead to poor well-being and physical health outcomes.

The good news is that socialising with others and spending time outside the home can be protective factors, allowing opportunities to improve our health. A sense of connection to others improves self-esteem and reduces anxiety and depression and strengthens our immune systems.

Boosting independence and confidence

Yooralla Disability Support Worker, Eric has seen the benefits of social groups for clients.

‘This program is really helpful for clients to have opportunities to access the community. They can socialise with each other. They can be independent and confident taking public transport, making purchases and enjoying different entertainment,’ said Eric.

A recent group trip to the Melbourne Aquarium was a great day out for Yooralla clients, carers and staff. Disability Support Worker, Monica saw her client enjoy the experience.

‘My client had heaps of fun watching the fish and sea creatures move through the water. The group and carers had a great time at the Sea Life Aquarium in Melbourne,’ said Monica.

Yooralla offers activities in our School Holiday programs and Social Groups around Melbourne. School Holiday activities are run each term and are suitable for children, young people and young adults. Our social groups are varied and offer activities throughout the year for children, young people and adults.

For more information, please see the full list of activities or contact Yooralla Connect 1800 966 725

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