Tinei Marembo wins Yooralla’s Operations Goals and Innovation Award 2021

2021 Excellence Awards Highlights

Yooralla’s 2021 Excellence Awards recognised nineteen staff for their outstanding contributions.

We are proud to be highlighting staff achievements who have worked tirelessly through the pandemic to support customers during a time of uncertainty and change.

In 2021, Service Manager, Tinei Marembo won Yooralla’s Excellence Award for Operational Goals and Innovation. Tinei supported a customer to explore safe and positive options to have a Covid vaccination by sedation.

“Receiving the award came as a shock because I was not expecting it as everyone has been working tirelessly and going above and beyond to try and keep consistency with the care we provide to our customers. It was an honour and I feel appreciative of the recognition from my fellow colleagues,” said Tinei.

“I hope receiving this award will motivate my fellow colleagues to continue supporting our customers to achieve their goals.”

The Operational Goals and Innovation Award is for an individual employee who exceeded expectations to provide a service for Yooralla employees, managers and/or customers that contributed to an operational outcome.

A collaborative approach

Tinei was nominated by Group Manager, RRSS, Mardi Obucina who has observed positive responses from families for Tinei’s collaborative approach which upheld the customer’s choices.

“Tinei maintains a high quality of standard in the service, evidencing all care teams, families and staff involved with the client at the centre of every decision made,” said Mardi.

His nomination was supported by Divisional Quality Manager, Kirsty Gatsios.

“Tinei is an inspirational leader who is consistently creative and innovative,” said Kirsty.

Tinei aims for excellence in his role and is motivated to ensure customer rights are upheld by, “Having our customers being treated fairly without any discrimination and prejudice,” he said.

Sparking a pilot project

Tinei consulted with Ambulance Victoria, Disability Liaison Officers, Director of CDDH, the customer’s GP, Yooralla Nursing supports and attended in person to ensure the customer had every support necessary to ensure a positive experience and outcome.

“This was a successful day and has led the way for more clients who have complex needs to have this opportunity for vaccination,” said Mardi.

Vaccination by sedation is now being used by Monash as a pilot project for other customers with high support needs to be vaccinated in a safe, supported and positive environment.

Person-centred support

Tinei demonstrated person-centred support by considering the customer’s communication preferences and sensory needs so they felt supported and calm before, during and after the vaccination. He has considered the learnings from the vaccination process to further develop suitable options in future.

“The reflective nature of Tinei’s leadership further compliments his ability to support customers to live the life they choose by breaking down barriers, creating opportunities and achieving success,” said Kirsty.

Despite challenges presented by the pandemic, Tinei has ensured a high standard of support.

“I am proud of the continuity of support for our customers even though our workforce was impacted by the pandemic,” said Tinei.

Congratulations to Tinei for winning the award. You have consistently exceeded expectations in your role to ensure a customer felt safe and supported.

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