Why our Disability Support Workers love what they do

Ruth Crespin, Service Manager at a Yooralla Accommodation site believes “that support workers are probably the most important part of Yooralla.”

“If you have good staff who care and are really engaging them [Yooralla’s customers], you’re going to have amazing customer support,” she says.

Meet some of Yooralla’s fantastic DSWs and hear about why they love what they do.

Supporting independence

Supporting people with disability to be independent is just one of the many rewards of working as a DSW with Yooralla.

Gbemisola is a DSW at a Yooralla accommodation site, where she has supported a customer to be more independent.

“I’ve been encouraging him to try to take off his shoes himself which he has been doing very well. The other day I was about to give him a shower…I went to his room and he had already taken off his shoes…I was like “yes, this is a job well done”,” she says.

Choice and diversity

Ruth Crespin says one of the benefits of working for Yooralla as a DSW is that there’s lots of choice and diversity in Yooralla’s services.

Working as a DSW will see you support people of various ages and support needs, which also means diversity in what duties you will perform as part of your role.

“Some people prefer to work with behavioural support and other people prefer…more physical sorts of supports…there are so many different services at Yooralla that you can try a bit of everything and work out what you’re actually passionate about,” Ruth says.

Work flexibility

Working as a DSW gives you the flexibility of hours that fit in with your home life, family or studies.

Gbemi has found that working across multiple services has given her the opportunity to “meet people, network, and also see new challenges.”

Ruth also adds that “there’s generally good opportunities to start work as a full time worker…or maybe work across a couple of different services.”.

More information

Yooralla offers flexible and rewarding work as a Disability Support Worker (DSW) supporting people with disability to live the life they choose.

Find out more about working as a DSW at Yooralla, or apply now!

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