Yooralla CEO update

Dr Sherene Devanesen, Yooralla’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), has announced her retirement from Yooralla after seven years of service.

Dr Devanesen will not be seeking a renewal of her contract when it expires in mid-February 2021. Yooralla’s Board is now in the process of recruiting the next CEO.

Jennifer Williams, AM, Chair of Yooralla’s Board, said that Dr Devanesen is a seasoned CEO, who has led Yooralla with distinction.

“Her focus has been on driving safety and quality, as well as delivering financially sustainable outcomes. This has been a hallmark of her time as Chief Executive.

“She can leave very proud of her achievements with a strong and competent executive, knowing that she has really uplifted Yooralla and established a reputation for the organisation in the sector,” she said.

Dr Devanesen said she was grateful for the unconditional support that she has received from the Board Chair and the Directors.

“Yooralla is very fortunate to have an experienced Board of Directors who set the direction that resulted in continuously improving outcomes for our customers.

“Thank you for your commitment and participation and for accepting the responsibility to be the change that has made Yooralla a better and stronger organisation,” she said.

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