Yooralla customers achieve Big Day Out goal…and will do it again in 2018!

A group of Yooralla clients with behaviours of concern, who achieved their goal of attending Yooralla’s Big Day Out last year, are planning to attend again this year.

Meaghan Springett, Service Manager at the home where the clients live, said plenty of careful planning and preparation from Yooralla’s staff went into ensuring the clients could successfully achieve their goal.

“Over a year, the Yooralla team discussed a plan to enable the clients achieve their goal of attending Yooralla’s Big Day Out, and how we could best support them to go to the event. Previously, the clients would have found the day too noisy, overwhelming and a sensory overload,” said Meaghan.

It was decided that instead of using public transport, the clients would be driven to the event.

“This meant that if the clients found the event too much, they could leave quickly at any time. We also made sure to arrive a little later,” said Meaghan.

The careful preparation paid off and the clients achieved their goal.

“They were so proud to be there and were continuously smiling. They also really loved the lunch that was served at the event. A number of people had a tear in their eye seeing the clients enjoying their day and knowing what a big milestone this was having them there,” said Meaghan.

“The clients with the support of the Yooralla staff are already planning on coming to Yooralla’s Big Day Out again this year,” she said.

Yooralla’s 2018 Big Day Out, Annual General Meeting on Monday 22 October will be the biggest ever, with engaging guest speakers and fun activities, as Yooralla celebrates its 100th year.

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