Yooralla showcase at Federation Square and City Library

The main screen at Federation Square will showcase Yooralla customers' achievements!

On Monday 3 December 2018, on the main screen at Federation Square as part of Yooralla’s fundraising campaign, Yooralla will be showcasing its videos of customers’ achievements and how we support people with disability.

The video showcase is part of Yooralla’s fundraising campaign on International Day of People with Disability. Yooralla has been granted a special permit by the City of Melbourne to be the only organisation that can fundraise in Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD) on that day.

The videos featured include:

  • A summary of Yooralla’s 100 year history and key milestones that have made Yooralla one of Victoria’s oldest and largest disability providers
  • The famous Yooralla jingle from the 1990s
  • Daniel’s story, a customer that Yooralla has support for over 50 years
  • Emmy and Jack’s stories in which Yooralla’s specialist children’s services enabled them to achieve their goals, and
  • A video starring and edited by Yooralla customers about what equality means to them.

Also at Federation Square, there will be a photography exhibition of work created by customers at Yooralla’s Learning Hub. The customers and instructors will be on hand to talk about their photography and answer questions from the public.

In Melbourne’s City Library on Swanston Street, the Yooralla video showcase will also be displayed as part of the day’s activities.

Donations can be made through placing coins or notes in tins held by volunteers around Melbourne’s CBD or by donating online here www.yooralla.com.au/donate.

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