Yooralla’s Gardening and Maintenance crew impressing in Benalla

Yooralla’s Gardening and Maintenance crew have been working hard to learn new skills while working on an 800 acre property in Benalla.

After seeing an advertisement in The Benalla Ensign, the Gardening and Maintenance crew were recruited to work on Rupertsdale farm, owned by Sue and Neale Heaney.

“I’ve never had experience with people with disability, but I have been so impressed with the Gardening and Maintenance team,” Sue said.

“It’s great to see the team using problem solving skills on the job…they are very good at identifying weeds and thistles which helps with our gardening.”

Since starting work at Rupertsdale, the team have pulled down fences that were burnt in the 2014 bush fires, bottle-fed lambs and cut multiple logs and trees.

Matthew from the Gardening and Maintenance team says that he likes chopping up the wood.

The team’s next job on the farm is to ear-tag lambs, and to add wire to an 800 metre fence, to stop the sheep getting through.

“It’s been a wonderful experience having them work with us on the farm,” said Sue.

Yooralla is proud to support employment for people with disability through our Business Enterprises, which provide opportunities to engage in meaningful work, earn a wage, and prosper from satisfying and rewarding employment.

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