5 things to know about engaging service providers

It is important to know these five things when choosing your provider/s, to ensure you get the most out of the NDIS.

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Once you have received your NDIS plan, it is time to choose the service providers you would like to deliver your funded supports.

It is important to know the five things below when choosing your provider/s, to ensure you get the most out of the NDIS.

  1. You are able to choose the provider you want to deliver your NDIS supports – it is part of the choice and control offered by the NDIS. However, you can only choose a non-registered service provider to deliver your supports if you have chosen to have your NDIS funds plan-managed, or self-managed.
  2. Not all providers are registered with the NDIS - If a service provider is a registered NDIS provider, this means they have signed up to the NDIS terms of business and national quality and safeguards standards. NDIS registered providers also have to comply with a number of laws, guidelines, policies and service standards, which non-registered providers may not comply with.
  3. You don’t have to choose the one service provider to deliver all of your funded supports – you are able to choose different providers for different supports, i.e. you can choose Yooralla for Recreation and Home and Living, but another provider for your Plan Management.
  4. You can use the same service providers you have used prior to transitioning to the NDIS to deliver your NDIS supports - To continue using your existing service provider, you need to contact them to set up a Service Agreement, so that your supports can continue with your NDIS funding.
  5. You can change your service provider if you are not happy with them – but first check your Service Agreement to find out the notice period you need to provide. If you choose to change providers, then you will be responsible for engaging an alternative provider. If you are funded for Support Coordination in your plan, a Support Coordinator can help you do this.

Yooralla is a registered NDIS services provider, and we offer a wide range of services to support people with disability to achieve their goals. Find out more about what we do.

Yooralla’s Community Engagement team can support you through your NDIS journey and answer any of your NDIS questions. To book a free, one-on-one discussion, call 03 9666 4500 or email yoorallaconnect@yooralla.com.au.

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