6 essential things to take to your next NDIS planning meeting

things to take to your next NDIS planning meeting

If your next NDIS planning meeting is approaching, you’ll be pleased to hear that the preparation you’ll need to do won’t be as significant as the first time around!

The NDIS representative you meet at your next planning meeting (or your plan review meeting) should have a lot of your information on file, so you won’t need to tell your full story again like last time. But what you will need to provide is an update on how things have gone for you since you got your first NDIS plan. To find out more about what you’ll be asked and the process, get Yooralla’s free guide to making the most of your next NDIS plan.

Here’s a checklist of 6 things that you can take along to help the NDIA planner get a picture of how your past year in the NDIS has been for you.

1.Reports from your Service providers on what you have achieved through your past year in the NDIS.
You may need to ask your service providers for these! If you have a Support Coordinator, they may help you with this. Gather reports from all your service providers to give the NDIS a copy.

2.Your ‘My Yooralla Plan’
If you are a Yooralla customer, take your ‘My Yooralla Plan’, to show your NDIS representative all the supports you have received against your goals, and areas where opportunities for development have been identified.

3.Documents about any ongoing assessments you may need
Examples of Assessment reports include Manual Handling, Meal Assistance, Behaviour Support Plans and Health Plans.

4.Details of any equipment needs you have
You’ll need to let your NDIS representative know if any equipment needs to be updated, replaced or repaired. If you’re not sure about this, your therapists should be able to assist.

5.A completed ‘My next NDIS plan – planning tool’ workbook
Yooralla’s next NDIS plan planning tool can help you document how you’re progressing towards your current goals and anything that you want to change for your next NDIS plan.

6.A support person
You can attend your planning meeting on your own, but you can also take a support person if you’d like someone to help you get your information across at your next planning meeting.

If you want support to prepare for your next NDIS planning meeting, why not chat to the Yooralla Connect team, or read our free guide to making the most of your next NDIS plan.

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