Being my own boss: Fran and Bridget's story

Being my own boss: Fran and Bridget's story

Working 9-5? Sitting behind a screen all day? Reporting to someone else? Not for Fran and Bridget, who dream of being their own boss!

Bridget and Fran, who both attend Yooralla’s Community Hub in Drouin – have been getting a taste for employment through volunteering for the Meals on Wheels program in Moe and other community activities, but now want to take the steps to branch out on their own.

“I’m into photography…that’s one of my dream jobs,” said Fran.

“I take a lot of photos; I’ve got a cat and I take a lot of photos of her, and I take a lot of nature…I want to explore a little bit, probably go to Melbourne and do some sunsets and sunrises.”

“It’s one of my goals to take more photos and to go out of my comfort zone. I want to do a course behind the camera, because I want to know all the technology stuff.”

“Hopefully I’ll get a little shop in Warragul, and I can be my own boss and sell my photos to people,” said Fran.

Bridget also has entrepreneurial aspirations of her own, wanting to start her own microenterprise (also known as a microbusiness) that is built around her interests and hobbies.

“I am thinking of making a Facebook website!” said Bridget.

“I’m selling my worm compost juice and also making bath bombs and candles…and I make some chutneys and jams too.”

“I thought it would be a good idea to get my ideas out there and sell a few things!”

“That sounds pretty fun to me,” Bridget said.

'My path, our future', Yooralla's Giving Day campaign

Fran and Bridget are just two of our clients who have big dreams for their careers and need your support to get started.

Of the approximately 1650 people with disability of working age that Yooralla supports, roughly 10% are employed in the open job market, with around 12% having expressed their desire to be employed.

We want to multiply the possibilities for our clients who want to be in paid work, raising funds during the ‘My path, our future’ campaign, to establish a personalised job pathways program.

Through this program, whether our clients want to volunteer, work in a café, start their own business, earn a qualification or more – we will work with them to customise their journey towards employment, considering their own personal circumstances and aspirations.

Donate to the 'My path, our future' campaign by or on our Giving Day on 1 June, when your donation will be doubled by a generous group of donors who have committed to matching every donation received dollar-to-dollar.

Learn more about the campaign.

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