Celebrating our mum’s and mother figures this Mother’s Day

Join us in wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and mother figures!

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the contribution our mum’s and mother figures make to our lives.

We spoke to some of our Home & Living clients about these very special relationships, celebrating mums that are with us, one’s that aren’t, and mother figures in our lives.

Andrew and his mum, Maureen

Andrew and his mum, Maureen

While Maureen and Andrew lost touch for a few years, they have reconnected in recent times and are focused on spending quality time together.

“I like having conversations with mum, show her things what I got in my unit, and we can both watch T.V. together,” said Andrew.

“It means a lot when I call Mum and she answers her phone and we talked how her day went and mine too.”
“I appreciate Mum and love her dearly,” said Andrew.

“I appreciate Lower Dandenong staff and how they cared for Andrew and how happy my son is,” said Maureen.

“Jasmin [Andrew’s Service Manager] once said, count the times that are happening now, and that I get to be involved with Andrew and spend precious quality time with him. This is the most important thing that has made a huge difference to Andrew’s life,” said Maureen.

James and Kathryne

James and his mum Kathryne also have a very special relationship, with James feeling like he can do “everything…and more”

with his mum’s support.

“She loves me unconditionally, doing everything that she can for me,” said James.

“We drive in the car and enjoy the road trips, with lots of banter from mum.”

“I want to say ‘thank you’ to mum for her support,” said James.

Kathryne loves James’ “sense of humour, everyone who knows him, gets his quirky humour, manifesting itself in his inimitable giggle/chuckle,” she said.

She attributes James’ helping her to “understand that ‘special people’ do exist, and for the wider community to recognise this and act accordingly,” she said.

Vanny and Mey Ling

Vanny and Mey Ling

Vanny and his biological mum reconnected in 2022, after many years apart.

Since then, they have been seeing each other regularly, sharing memories and stories.

“I am happy that I can see Vanny once again,” Mey Ling, Vanny’s mum said.

“The best things about mum, is her cooking. I remembered when I was young, she cooked this Cambodian mango salad, you can add chicken too,” said Vanny.

“My highlight was when we were able to connect once again in early February 2022 as I have not seen her for ages.

I am seeing her again at the end of April to say hi to mum,” said Vanny.

Richie and Ros

Richie and Ros

“My mum is the best mum in the whole wide world,” said Richie, of his mum Ros. 

“Mum also helps me to go on holidays, we love holidaying together. We love going to our holiday home in Blairgowrie on the Mornington Peninsula and also visiting Noosa. Mum also takes me on holidays to NSW to visit my brother who just got married. ” said Richie. 

“Mum also supported me to move out into my own accommodation which I know must have been hard for her,” Richie said.

Ros has just as glowing sentiments about Richie. “[Richie is] a delight, so happy, empathetic, so positive and kind. We are so proud of him, that he makes a positive impression wherever he goes. He has enhanced our lives, and our other children and 5 grandchildren see him as a positive influence and little champion,” Ros said.

“Richie has just moved out of home, a decision he made himself and was reluctant to tell us, as he knew we would find it hard! But he was determined and positive, and it has proved to be a fabulous step towards his independence. He is fit and healthy and continues to enjoy his life!” Ros said.

Luke and Yvonne

Celebrating our mother figures

Equally as special are the relationships we have with mother figures in our life, like Luke and his grandma, Yvonne.

Luke was recently supported to go and visit his grandma, who he hadn’t seen in a little while – but speaks to regularly on the phone.

“My Grandma is like a mother to me,” said Luke.

“She lives in Wonthaggi but recently, I was able to visit her. She is 92. I love visiting her and she prepared a good meal for me.

“Grandma calls me every week to check how I am which I appreciate and means a lot to me,” Luke said.

Yvonne echoes how important their relationship is.

“Luke means the world to me, and he is my boy,” Yvonne said.

“The best thing being a grandma to Luke is when I get to see him, and we talk over the phone,” she said.

Yvonne has high hopes for Luke. “I’d like Luke to continue what he is doing now and am happy that [Yooralla] staff are helping him find work,” she said.

Remembering our mum’s who are no longer with us

For some of our clients, it’s also a great opportunity to reflect on their relationships with their mums who are no longer with us.

Peter and Patricia

Peter and Patricia

“I miss my mum dearly and how I wish I can see her again.

I appreciate all the love and care she has given me when I was young,” said Peter.

Stephen and Pat

Stephen and Pat

“I miss my mum. I wish mum is still alive right now.

My mum loves me and my brother a lot.”

Wishing a very happy Mother’s Day to all the mums and mother figures and thinking of those who’s mums are no longer with us, or not a part of our life.

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