How do Capacity Building Supports help you to achieve your goals?

Capacity Building Supports

In your NDIS plan, you will receive funding that is allocated based on your NDIS goals.

When you receive your NDIS plan, it will include your Funded Supports budget, which details how much funding you have and what this funding can be used for.

Your Funded Supports are broken up into three categories:

  • Core Supports help with your everyday activities, needs.
  • Capacity Building Supports help you build skills and independence.
  • Capital Supports are more expensive supports and one-off purchases, assistive technology, equipment, modifications, accommodation.

While all three categories fund the supports you need to pursue your goals and live the life you choose, your Capacity Building Supports will help you achieve your goals by supporting essential skill development.

The Capacity Building Supports budget is divided into nine categories:

  1. Support Coordination – A support coordinator helps you get the most out of your plan. Yooralla support coordination services can help you navigate through your NDIS journey.
  2. Improved living arrangements – Assists you with finding and maintaining living arrangements that will allow you to live more independently.
  3. Increased Social & Community Participation – Enables you to get involved in your community. This funding can be used to pay for social events, classes, and activities such as the programs offered through the Yooralla Community Hubs.
  4. Finding & Keeping a Job – Supports you to find and apply for jobs and funds any supports you may need to thrive in the workplace.
  5. Improved Relationships – Helps you build the skills needed to make new connections and develop your relationships with others.
  6. Improved Health & Wellbeing – Provides advice for improving your overall health and managing the impact of your disability through diet and exercise.
  7. Improved Learning – Facilitates your smooth transition from school to higher education such as university or TAFE.
  8. Improved Life Choices – Develops your financial literacy through Plan Management services, this can help you keep track of your funds and make payments to your providers.
  9. Improved Daily Living – Supports you to build skills that will reduce the impact of your disability on daily activities. This funding can pay for therapy and training offered by Yooralla to help you live more independently on a day-to-day basis.

The goals you set during your NDIS planning meeting will guide how your Capacity Building Supports budget is allocated. Funding can only pay for supports in the category it is assigned to.

At Yooralla, we can support you to build your capacity through our Life Skills program, which helps you develop the practical life skills you need to grow your independence, confidence, and control. Our team will work with you and your support network to design a targeted program that will build towards your NDIS goals. The wide range of programs offered by Yooralla can equip you with the skills to improve your living arrangements, find employment, improve relationships, improve health and wellbeing, develop job ready skills, or improve your daily life.

How can Yooralla support you to pursue your NDIS goals?

To find out more about the services available through Yooralla and how we can support you, contact Yooralla Connect:

Phone: 1800 966 725


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