Is your NDIS 12-month plan review coming up? Here’s what to expect

Find out what will happen when your NDIS plan is up for review. Your second NDIS plan may look different to your first.

Is your NDIS 12-month plan review coming up? Here’s what to expect.

So you’ve almost completed your first year participating in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), or you’ve been supporting someone you care for to participate in the NDIS.

It’s possibly been a year of learning new terms and new processes, as well as working towards, and achieving goals.

One of the great things about the NDIS is that participants and their carers have the opportunity to review their goals, needs, and supports regularly. For some people, these may not change regularly, however for others, such as children these could change every year.

A NDIS plan generally runs for 12-months, so with about six weeks to go participants undertake a plan review process to work on their next NDIS plan.

Plan reviews are important in making sure you get the support you need to achieve your goals. It will help ensure your NDIS plan continues to meet your needs as they change.

A NDIS plan review is a chance to review what has and hasn’t worked well for you over the past year; and to look forward. It’s an opportunity to:

  • measure your progress against your goals
  • identify any changes in your life
  • explore and review your current supports and unmet needs, and
  • consider new goals for the year ahead.

Your second NDIS plan may look different to your first.

A representative from the NDIS, possibly the person who helped developed your first NDIS plan (maybe a Local Area Coordinator) will contact you to start the plan review process, and development of your second NDIS plan. If you’re funded for Support Coordination, your Support Coordinator will help you with your plan review.

The plan review discussion may not be as long and detailed as your initial NDIS planning discussion. However, it’s still worth giving some thought before your review discussion as to how your first NDIS plan has gone for you.

Plan reviews may happen face-to-face or by phone. You can ask for what you would prefer, and you can also bring someone along to support you if you want to.

Although NDIS plans usually run for 12 months, you can ask for a shorter NDIS plan if you think your needs might change significantly during that time. Or you can ask for a longer plan, say for two years, if you think your needs will stay the same.

Support to prepare for your 12-month plan review meeting

Yooralla is keen to support you to ensure that you feel confident and prepared for your NDIS plan review meeting, and to ensure that you continue to receive quality support and services from Yooralla. We can also help you to identify any other areas where we can support you.

To book a free one-one-one discussion with Yooralla to help you prepare for your plan review meeting, email or call 03 9666 4500 to let us know of a date and time that suits you.

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