Supporting children with autism through early intervention

At Yooralla, we have a team of specialists from different disciplines who specialise in early intervention for children with autism.

World Autism Awareness Day, observed annually on 2 April, is an important reminder of the importance of fostering understanding, acceptance, and support for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

While the day aims to amplify voices, raise awareness, and promote inclusion for the diverse community of individuals with autism, it also highlights the importance of early diagnosis and intervention for children with autism.

At Yooralla, we have a team of specialists from different disciplines who specialise in early intervention. These specialists work together with your family and child to understand your child’s needs and deliver quality, tailored services to support them to achieve their goals and to achieve their full potential.


Yooralla’s children’s therapy team can support children with autism with quality, evidence-based therapy services.

We deliver children's therapy services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and psychology to children in their own environments, such as at home, kindergarten or school, as well as at Yooralla services.

Yooralla also provides a broad range of assessment services, including:

  • fine motor assessments
  • play assessments
  • sensory regulation assessments
  • gross motor assessments
  • speech and language assessments
  • pragmatic and articulation assessments, and
  • equipment prescriptions and application.

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Positive Behaviour Support

We work with children presenting with behaviour of concern, and their support network, to develop strategies that build on the child’s strengths and are based on developing positive relationships, communication and coping skills; and on addressing health, environmental and other impacting factors.

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Assistance with Daily Living

Yooralla provides Assistance with Daily Living support for children with developmental delay and disability in their homes and out in the community. This means we have staff that can support your child with personal care in the home or support them to engage in community activities such as visiting the park, library or a sporting event.

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Yooralla can support children to participate in any recreational activities they enjoy. Our holiday programs and camps are a great opportunity for children and young people to learn, make friends and have fun in a fully supported environment. Where possible we group children together with similar needs.

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Support Coordination

Yooralla provide Support Coordination, which can assist parents to implement their child’s NDIS plan, and coordinate all of their supports. Our team is comprised of people experienced in the NDIS and can work with you to identify the best supports for child’s needs, including obtaining quotes and setting up Service Agreements.

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World Autism Awareness Day 2024

On World Autism Awareness Day, we are reminded that together, we can create a more inclusive society where individuals with autism are empowered to thrive and fulfill their dreams.

Want to learn more about how Yooralla can support children with autism? Visit our website or get in touch with Yooralla Connect today.

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