The NDIS is making some changes to their plan review process, what does that mean for you and your plan?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is making some changes to the way a NDIS plan is reviewed and modified. The aim of these changes is to provide an easier way for you to request plan changes to best support the needs of you or the person you care for.

If you have had a NDIS plan for more than a year, you might be familiar with the plan review process. As part of the changes a plan review will now be called a plan reassessment, but the process will remain very similar to what participants and their carers are already familiar with.

Once you have received your NDIS plan you will also be given a reassessment date, usually 12 months from the start of the plan. Three months before your reassessment date you will be contacted by the NDIS to book a plan reassessment meeting.

The plan reassessment meeting is a chance to talk about what has worked well in your plan and what didn’t work so well. In the meeting you will discuss changes that you might need in your next plan to best support your needs and goals moving forward.

You can have your plan reassessment meeting face-to-face, over the phone, or via video call and you can invite someone along to support you in the meeting.

Need to make changes to your plan before your reassessment date? You can contact the NDIS at any time to ask for a plan reassessment.

Making small changes to your NDIS plan

If you only need a small change made to your existing plan, the NDIS has introduced a new system to process these modifications. This is called a plan variation.

A plan variation can be requested at any time to:

  • Correct any small errors in your plan
  • Change your reassessment date
  • Change the name of a support provider or method of support delivery
  • Adjust the funding of supports in your plan
  • Provide crisis or emergency funding to aid a sudden, significant change to your support needs

Applying for a variation is a quicker way to receive the support you need, and you will receive the outcome of your variation request within 21 days.

Do you need support for the plan reassessment process?

Yooralla can help you understand how your NDIS plan can be varied to best support your needs and support you to feel confident using the new reassessment process.

If you have any questions about how the new changes will affect your plan you can contact Yooralla Connect:

Phone: 1800 966 725

If you would like support to prepare and apply for a plan reassessment or variation you can contact Yooralla to book a NDIS discussion.

Do you have questions about the NDIS?

Do you have questions about the NDIS?

Speak to our Yooralla Connect team with any questions you may have for yourself or the person you care for.

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