We went blue on May 22!

The Yooralla community came together to raise awareness for Huntington's disease.

The Yooralla community got together to Go Blue on May 22 – to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease.

As part of the celebrations, we were lucky enough to have the residents and staff at our Neurological Support Services (NSS) lead us in, what turned out to be, a very competitive game of Blue Bingo!

Sharlene from NSS called ‘Bingo!’ in round one, with Kelly from Collins St declared winner of the second round.

Sites and services also decked themselves out in blue for the occasion, with morning tea shared between clients and staff.

A big thank you to the team at NSS for leading the celebrations and getting everyone involved to raise awareness for Huntington’s disease.

Go Blue on May 22!

Supporting people with Huntington’s disease at Yooralla

Yooralla has been supporting people with Huntington’s disease and other neurological disabilities at our Neurological Support Services (NSS) in Eastern Melbourne since December 2021. The service was originally established in 1981.

The NSS houses have a state-wide reputation for our expertise in the management and care for people with progressive neurological disorders.

The disability support workers and nurses who work at the sites are trained to deliver high intensity care. They have training in managing behaviours of concern, complex bowel management, urinary catheter care, dysphagia, mealtime management, Enteral feeding and tracheostomy care.

Read more about Yooralla’s NSS houses.

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