What’s next for a young person with disability after finishing school?

Leaving school can be a huge change for young people with disability, and it can also be a worrying time for their carers as they start thinking, “where to from here?”

If you’re about to finish school, whether you are interested in a job, study, volunteering, learning new skills – or just having some fun – Yooralla can support you to plan what’s next. We have a variety of opportunities available.

Learning new life skills

Yooralla’s Community Hubs offer programs to help develop your skills and independence as you embark on life after school. Some of our popular activities include computer skills, job skills and work experience, literacy and numeracy, cooking, and gardening.

At Yooralla’s Learning Hub, we can support you to use technology, learn about volunteering, build confidence to do things independently, understand how to manage your money, and also to get out in the community and enjoy new experiences.

Find out about how Yooralla’s Community Hub programs supported Michael to achieve his goal of moving out of home.

Build job skills

Yooralla’s Employability Program is focused on building your job skills to support your pathway to employment. We can tailor a job skills program to suit your individual needs and capabilities and support you to transition into the job that is right for you.

Read about Jason, a Yooralla Employability Program success story.

Get a job after school finishes

If you want to work when you finish school, Yooralla supports employment opportunities for people with disability to engage in satisfying and rewarding work. We provide employment through Yooralla Business Enterprises. At these services you can gain skills in manufacturing, packing and shipping of goods, catering, agriculture, horticulture and customer service.

Read more about Anthony, who went on to an open employment position in the community after working at Yooralla’s Seymour Business Enterprise.

Have some fun

Yooralla can help you to take part in fun, adventurous or relaxing activities that you enjoy. Our Recreation services can support you during the day, overnight, over a weekend or even to go on a holiday.

Find out about how Yooralla’s recreation service has helped young people to make new friends and get out and about in their community.

Therapy to support you to be more independent

Our therapists assist people with disability to develop daily living skills to become more independent at home, school, work and in the community. Our therapists can support your communication; and development of social, independent travel and community participation skills.

Read more about how Yooralla has supported Aaron to be more independent.

Leaving school and trying to decide what to do next?

You can contact Yooralla Connect for a discussion about how Yooralla can support you with your plan for the future, or find out more about Yooralla’s supports for school leavers on our website.

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