Specialist Equipment Library

Victorian Inclusion Agency Specialist Equipment Library (SEL) lends equipment to education and care services to enable greater inclusion of children with a disability or undergoing assessment.

The equipment library is operated by Yooralla as part of the Inclusion Support Programme, which is funded by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

What types of equipment does the equipment library program provide?

The equipment library loans items that facilitate inclusion but that are not usually found in a child care or education setting.

This may include:

  • portable ramps
  • standing frames and full support swings
  • hoists, slings, harnesses, change tables, commodes, toilet seats/steps, potty chairs, mobile stools and seating/posture aids
  • specialised 'basic furniture' (e.g. chairs, tables, desks, sleeping equipment)
  • communication cards or charts, and Auslan dictionaries
  • specialised inclusion toys (e.g. switch sensory mats), and
  • individualised equipment (e.g. foam items)

Who is eligible?

Victorian education and care services (as defined in the Inclusion Support Programme Guidelines) that support a child with a disability, or undergoing assessment, and have identified the need for specialist equipment through a Strategic Inclusion Plan (SIP), may borrow specialist equipment.

For information on developing a SIP, contact your regional Inclusion Agency. Call VIA on 1800 177 017 or visit the VIA website.

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