3 things to know if you want to change your Support Coordinator

A key principle of the NDIS is that participants have ‘choice and control’ over who delivers their NDIS supports. Here are a few useful things to know if you do wish to change providers.

It’s a Support Coordinator’s job to support NDIS participants to connect with the right service providers to help them achieve their goals and meet their individual needs. But what happens if you’re not happy with the service provider you’re using for Support Coordination? Or if you have a big change in your life, such as moving to a new area, and you would like to have a Support Coordinator who has good connections in your local area?

A key principle of the NDIS is that participants have ‘choice and control’ over who delivers their NDIS supports, so the good news is you are entitled to change providers if you’re not happy with the Support Coordinator you end up with. Here are a few useful things to know if you do wish to change providers.

1. You’ll need to understand what you’ve committed to in your current service agreement, regarding ending the agreement with your current Support Coordination provider

If you wish to change to another service provider, you’ll first need to confirm what you’ve agreed to in the service agreement that you have with your current provider. You can review the service agreement yourself, or contact your current service provider to talk with them about what you need to do to end your agreement with them.

Some things to note if you want to change providers:

  • With most service agreements, you may need to give a certain amount of notice to your current provider before you can stop using your Support Coordination NDIS funding with them.
  • As well as how much notice you need to give, you’ll need to find out how the service provider requires this notice, does it need to be in writing?
  • You may need to either use or cancel any existing service bookings through the NDIS portal. Who does this will depend on how your NDIS plan is managed.
  • You may want to ask your current provider if there are any reports or other documents that they have about you and your history that they can give you, so you can pass these on to your new provider for their information.
  • You might want to request confirmation in writing from your current service provider that they have ended your agreement and advise funds remaining before signing a service agreement with your new Support Coordination provider.
  • If your current provider is genuinely committed to supporting their customers, they will most likely ask you for feedback as to why you want to change providers. If you feel comfortable giving them feedback, they may find it useful in improving their services in the future. However, you are under no obligation to tell your current service provider the reasons you want to change provider.

2. There are many ways you can find a new service provider, and there are people who can support you with this

NDIS participants may be referred to a Support Coordinator by the NDIA, but of course it’s still your choice over which provider you want to use. You can also contact Support Coordination providers directly about using their services.

Tips for finding a new provider:

  • Search on the NDIS provider finder website (or through the NDIS myplace portal) for providers in your area
  • If you have a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or an Early Childhood Partner (ECP) they may help you to find and connect with a Support Coordination provider
  • If you are referred to a provider by the NDIA or any other organisation, you could ask them why they have recommended the specific provider they have suggested, to make sure you’re happy with their answer
  • Ask around – do you know of anyone who has used a Support Coordinator that they’ve been happy with?
  • Disability expos are a great way to speak to a number of new providers all in the same place, and most providers will have printed materials you can take away to help with your decision.

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3. Make sure you’re satisfied that any new service providers will meet your needs. Do some research before signing a service agreement with a new provider

Our #1 tip on finding any new disability service provider is– do your research! Visit the website of providers you are interested in and consider giving their customer service team a call to see what they have to say about their service.

Here are some things you may want to find out to make sure you’re choosing the right Support Coordinator:

  • Is there currently a waiting time for their Support Coordination service, and if so, is it going to work for you?
  • Are they a registered NDIS provider? Note: you can only choose a provider who isn’t NDIS registered if you are plan or self-managing your NDIS plan, and if you do this, you should ensure you are satisfied that the provider can offer an appropriate level of quality and safeguards.
  • How can they support you to achieve your goals?
  • How experienced is the provider in supporting NDIS participants through Support Coordination? Are they new to this, or have they been around for a while?
  • What does the organisation say online about their Support Coordination team and their expertise? In particular, do they have experience supporting people of your age, with your type of disability?
  • If you don’t connect with the -Support Coordinator you are given – can you change the person who supports you to implement your NDIS plan?
  • Can the provider communicate with you according to your communication preference? For example, is their service agreement easy to understand? Do they have documentation available in easy English if you need this? Can they arrange a translator for Support Coordination meetings if English is not your first language and you need one?

See Five things to look for in a disability service provider for more advice on how to choose service providers.

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