4 things to do when you get your child's NDIS plan

Find out more about the steps you need to take before your child can start using their NDIS funding for supports.

When you receive your child’s NDIS plan, there are steps you need to take before your child can start using their NDIS funding for supports. 

1. Understand what your child has been funded for

Depending on your child's goals, the types of funding may include:

  • Capacity Building funding – funding that supports skill building, training, learning, capacity building, improving health and wellbeing, and support coordination. This may include:
    • skill and confidence building activities, such as increasing self-care skills, or assistance to build a circle of support at school.
    • individual social skills development
    • speech therapy to improve a child’s communication skills, or
    • positive behaviour support to help develop positive relationships and communication, and decrease the frequency and severity of behaviour of concern, or occupational therapy to build skills in home and community.

When you get your child’s NDIS plan, and at all stages of their NDIS journey, Yooralla can support your child and family

  • Capital funding – funding that covers the purchase of one-off items such as equipment, technology or modifications. For a child, Capital funding could include:
    • vehicle modifications to ensure a child in a wheelchair can be transported safely in the family car
    • assistive technology equipment for home, such as a hoist to help lift a child out of bed, or
    • Home modifications such as a rail in the bathroom, or a ramp into the house.

2. Start using your child’s NDIS plan as soon as it’s approved, even if you’re not happy with it

It is important that you start to use your child’s plan even if you are not 100% happy with it yet, as you can go through the review process at the same time. This is because your child’s existing funding will stop as soon as their NDIS plan is approved.

If you are not happy with your child’s plan, you can discuss your concerns with your NDIS representative. You can also go through a review process with the NDIS. You can find out more about this from your child’s plan cover letter.

3. Consider whether you want to share your child’s NDIS plan with your service provider/s

When you get your child’s NDIS plan, you’ll need to speak with service providers to discuss the services your child needs, and how they can support your child and family. It will benefit you to share your child’s NDIS plan with your service provider/s so they have more detailed background on your child’s goals and support needs.

However, you don’t have to provide your service provider/s with your child’s NDIS plan if you don’t want to – it’s OK if you don’t want to share.

4. Seek advice if you need help

If you need assistance understanding your child’s plan you can:

Download our free NDIS guides: To make the most of the NDIS, you can download Yooralla’s free guide to help implement your child’s NDIS plan.

Book a free one-on-one NDIS discussion: To discuss your individual circumstances and better understand the NDIS, book in for a free one-on-one NDIS discussion with our friendly team.

Contact us: For more information or support email yoorallaconnect@yooralla.com.au or contact us today.

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