Accounts Receivable Team wins Yooralla’s Excellence Award 2021

2021 Excellence Awards Highlights

The Accounts Receivable Team have won Yooralla’s 2021 Team Award for Operational Goals and Service Excellence. After becoming aware that a member of staff with disability was studying in a related field and was looking to gain experience, the Accounts Receivable Team worked together and made it possible for them to join the team.

The Operational Goals and Service Excellence Award is for a team who exceeded expectations to provide a service for Yooralla employees, managers and/or customers that contributed to an operational outcome.

Inclusive and accessible employment

The Accounts Receivable Team include Nat Pattuwage, Andrea Sebire, Joshwa Paul, Syed Shah, Hee Jim Kim, Ivy Huang, Leo Gu, Fred Wang, Jonathan Turner, Jermae Aguilon, Nikki Galera and Banit Tyagi. They were nominated for the award by Payroll Officer, Anita Chandra and Archives and Digitisation Coordinator, Stephanie Faulkner.

In accordance with Yooralla’s Open Employment strategy which aims to provide employment opportunities for customers, the staff member was initially hired in the Finance Division for one day a week. This has been increased to three days a week and the staff member is encouraged to pursue their interests and education.

Recognising excellence

The staff member received high marks in the Graduate Certificate of Professional Accounting and successfully gained the position, competing against other applicants.

“The opportunity provided by the Accounts Receivable Team has provided the staff member with job satisfaction, and they have been empowered to work towards their next career,” said Stephanie.

A team effort

The team were aware of the staff member’s professionalism and dedication and have welcomed their accurate attention to detail which contributes to the Finance Department’s operation.

“Nat and her team trained the staff member and made him part of their accounts receivable team. Guy Marinelli, Nat and her team have been instrumental in providing training and support for him,” said Anita. “He wants to further his knowledge and feels he belongs.”

The staff member has been supported at every stage to reach their goals.

“My disability becomes irrelevant with the support I receive from management and colleagues at Yooralla. The Accounts Receivable team are the best people to work with and I am grateful to them for a career in Finance/Accounting,” said the staff member.

Congratulations to the Accounts Receivable Team on winning Yooralla’s 2021 Team Award for Operational Goals and Service Excellence. You have led by example, ensuring Yooralla is an inclusive and accessible workplace.

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