Celebrating World MS Day with special art show

With quite a few artists in residence, the art show was a great way to exhibit their pieces, all while raising awareness for MS.

We celebrated World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day on 30 May with a very special art exhibition at our Neurological Support Service (NSS) in Burwood.

The office and attendees were decked out in their best orange clothes, the official colour of World MS Day – as they gathered to share a special afternoon tea and check out some of the beautiful artwork created by residents.

On very proud display was resident Andrew’s artwork ‘It Takes Allsorts’, which was also submitted to MS Plus’s Virtual Art Show. You can read more about the virtual art show, including a beautiful explanation of the meaning behind Andrew’s painting on our website.

Bella, Lead Support at NSS and curator of the exhibition was “inspired to do more” by Andrew’s great artwork.

“I couldn't just let his piece of beautiful art be a plain submission - seeing his reaction to the idea of the art show and the deserved attention that he got on the day made it worth it,” she said.

“Once he had told me it was the first time he had done this [submitted a piece of art] I knew it was important that we did something more,” said Bella.

With quite a few artists in residence, the art show was a great way to exhibit their pieces, all while raising awareness for MS. Several of the residents at our NSS house also live with MS.

“I wanted to showcase some of the beautiful work that we had from past and present residents - we never really had an opportunity to display the beautiful pieces,” said Bella.

“[We had] great feedback, some beautiful photos and lots of smiles…the staff and residents, families who attended all enjoyed themselves,” she said.

“The best bit was Andrew mentioned that he felt special and had a purpose again,” Bella said.

Bella would also like to thank Kelli, Lifestyle & Recreation Support Worker at NSS for her support in organising the art show.

“I couldn't have done it without Kelli - she's been such a help and I loved that she felt my passion. She is such a brilliant lady, I'm so grateful to her and her encouragement,” said Bella.

Check out some of the pictures from the day below. 

Celebrating World MS Day

Supporting people with MS at Yooralla

Yooralla has been supporting people with MS and other neurological disabilities at our Neurological Support Services (NSS) in Eastern Melbourne since December 2021. The service was originally established by Uniting in 1981.

The NSS houses have a state-wide reputation for our expertise in the management and care for people with progressive neurological disorders.

The disability support workers and nurses who work at the sites are trained to deliver high intensity care. They have training in managing behaviours of concern, complex bowel management, urinary catheter care, dysphagia, mealtime management, Enteral feeding and tracheostomy care.

Yooralla's Neurological Support Services (NSS)

Yooralla's Neurological Support Services (NSS)

Residents with progressive neurological conditions such as Huntington’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis are supported around the clock at our Neurological Support Services (NSS).

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