New research gives a voice to frontline workers

The WIDI report aims to give a voice to frontline workers

We have collaborated with RMIT University’s Workforce Innovation and Development Institute (WIDI) and Able Australia to conduct valuable research into the retention of Disability Support Workers (DSWs).

This applied research project explored the experience of a specific cohort of DSWs – those who had worked in the disability sector for 6–12 months.

The Research Team gathered data on the experience of over 50 DSWs who have been employed by Yooralla and Able Australia for a period of 6 to 12 months.

This research shows that our workforce is here for the right reasons!

The vast majority of DSWs:

  • are passionate about their work
  • feel that their work is meaningful
  • value making a difference in their clients’ lives
  • find their work to be rewarding
  • enjoy their work with clients.

Workers confirmed that remuneration and career pathways were the biggest factors in their decision to stay or go, but they called out the need for:

  • better training and supervision;
  • reduced admin burden and;
  • improved safety.
IMAGE: Front cover of WIDI report - click to download

Read the full report

Our research program is focused on achieving better health and wellbeing outcomes for Yooralla clients and carers, while also driving thought leadership to benefit people living with disability across Australia and internationally.

Download the full WIDI report on our Research page below.

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