Supporting our clients during Feeding Tube Awareness Week

During Feeding Tube Awareness week (5-11 February), we aim to raise awareness and understanding in the community of some of the challenges faced, and highlight the day-to-day impact of tube feeding on individuals, carers and families.

Many of our clients at Yooralla use a feeding tube, also known as enteral feeding, where food is administered in liquid form through a tube in the stomach or small intestine. They can be required when a person is at high risk of aspiration while eating, whether that be as a result of a stroke, disability or otherwise.

Comprehensive training to support our clients

Our Disability Support Workers receive comprehensive training before they start supporting our clients at home and in the community, which may include enteral feeding if the clients at the site or service where they work require it.

Robert is a member of our dedicated team of Disability Support Workers, who progressed through our comprehensive induction program before beginning work at Box Hill Community Hub. Here, he initially undertook shadow shifts working closely with another experienced Disability Support Worker to ensure he was confident in all aspects of supporting clients.

As some of the clients at this Hub required tube feeding, Robert underwent the enteral feeding training so he, and other staff members at the Hub, could support their clients during mealtimes.

“I never had experience with peg feeding before working at Yooralla,” said Robert.

“I had my first training when I first started…and then completed enteral feeding training when it became necessary to be able to assist clients at the Hub.”

While enteral feeding might be a daunting task for someone that isn’t familiar with the process, Yooralla ensures all support workers are adequately trained and feel confident in their abilities before supporting clients with mealtimes.

“I was definitely nervous about the training at first as I wasn’t sure what was involved in peg feeding, especially where a machine was required to be set up as well.”

“After training and assessment, the follow-up and the practical training with staff, I felt a lot more confident.”

“There are always a number of staff working with you that have the same training, so you have some peer support. Staff are always willing to assist with that,” said Robert.

At Yooralla, staff also undergo regular refresher training and courses to ensure they remain competent and confident in their ability to support our clients, with access to ongoing support and training throughout their career.

Interested in working at Yooralla as a Disability Support Worker?

At Yooralla, you’ll work as part of a positive and passionate team with more than 100 years’ experience supporting Victorians with disability. We’re committed to providing our people with a culture of best practice, supported by comprehensive training – a commitment to quality and safeguards and management support – to ensure we are all best placed to empower and support people with disability to achieve their goals.

We are currently recruiting Disability Support Workers across Victoria, view all our current vacancies online.

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