Thank you to Yooralla volunteers on International Volunteer Day!

On International Volunteer Day, on 5 December, we’d like to say a big thank you to each and every one of our wonderful volunteers around Victoria.

Volunteers are an integral part of Yooralla, supporting many of our services and retail ventures, such as Chelsea and Benalla opportunity (op) shops.

Every year we celebrate the day by profiling our volunteers across the state.

This year, we’d like to introduce Paul Bird, who has been volunteering at Chelsea op shop since it opened in 2017, after seeing an advertisement in the window.

Paul has been involved in every aspect of the op shop, being an integral part of the setting up of the shop to now volunteering weekly.

Having been involved with Scouts for many years, volunteering at Chelsea’s op shop has fit perfectly into Paul’s post-retirement life, offering the chance to “come along and have some fun, and meet new people”.

Paul said his favourite part about volunteering is the enjoyment he gets from supporting people in his community.

“When you walk in, you will have fun and enjoy yourself all while adding something to other people’s lives.

“There are some great vibes being a part of Yooralla. You are working with likeminded people who enjoy the work they do with Yooralla, and that really shows,” Paul said.

Volunteering also offers the opportunity to enrich the lives of those who do so.

“It has given me the chance to meet many different people, all of whom are working together for a common cause – it’s rather nice.

“People who don’t volunteer are missing out on being part of our society and helping other people. As you get older, you find the time – and really appreciate the work of volunteers who may have helped you, or other businesses you have been involved with over time,” he said.

Yooralla relies on the contribution of its volunteers across many of our services and occasions, such as the Annual General Meeting and Big Day Out events held annually at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We would like to take this opportunity to extent our thanks to our volunteers and the significant contribution they make to our organisation.

If someone you know is interested in volunteering with Yooralla, please contact Carmen Doeve on or 03 9666 4500.

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