The reviews are in for Macey Rouge!

Macey's Rouge - Spectacular Spectacular

The reviews are in for Macey Rouge and from all accounts it certainly was Spectacular, Spectacular!

The reimagining of Baz Luhrmann’s smash hit film, Moulin Rouge, was one not to be missed, with the Hub clients dazzling in their first live performance in three years.

Clients picked the storyline, characters, songs, choreography and costumes for this modern twist on the traditional Moulin Rouge, and have been working very hard, meeting and practicing every Friday since the start of the year.

It was a stellar evening, filled with incredible costumes, amazing acting and a soundtrack of songs that got the audience dancing and clapping along all night!

Don’t just take it from us though, here is what some of the audience had to say about the performance…

“I loved the energy in the room! The performers were so engaging that they got the whole audience clapping, singing and dancing along with them.”

“Such a fantastic show, so well put together and what stars all the actors were. Was great to see the cast having such an amazing time. Can’t wait for the next show!”

“The performance was an enjoyable and uplifting experience. The enthusiasm and joy of the performers was infectious to all, also promoting positive audience participation. Lots of creative dance moves and beautiful costumes. Well done to all those involved in creating this memorable event. Looking forward to their next performance!”

“Loved the whole performance but also hearing the participants’ acknowledgements of employees who supported them behind-the-scenes and their messages of thanks to their families at the end of the show!”

“The performers, the costumes, the music, the staging, the energy – all were truly spectacular!”

A huge congratulations to all the clients who performed and the very talented team of staff at our Macey Heights hub for such a memorable event.

Check out some of the amazing pictures of the performance below!

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