Yooralla recognises Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is celebrated around the world each year on December 10. It is a recognition and celebration of the United Nation’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 and is in its 70th anniversary this year.

The Customer Rights and Empowerment (CRE) team is one way Yooralla works alongside people with a disability to support them to uphold their rights, speak up and take up valued community roles.

Yooralla customers had the following to say about what equality and inclusion meant to them and how support to uphold their rights and being part of the community made a difference.

“I have the same rights like everyone else – the right to drive, the right to get married and have kids and the right to fair pay at work.” - Yannia

“The CRE team helped me to advocate for my right to access the community by helping me to appeal against a decision by the NDIS not to fund an automatic gate. We won the appeal and I am now getting it which means I will be able to get out in the community with my scooter by myself without risking the safety of myself and my scooter” - Lois

“I’ve always wanted to help elderly people. I used to work at a hospital in England as a porter and used to look after elderly patients there. That’s where wanting to help elderly people came from. Every time I go to my café shifts I love it, it makes me really happy.” – Mark. The CRE team recently supported Mark to find a volunteering position at a café in aged care.

If you are Yooralla customer, or carer who supports a Yooralla customer, and would like to know more about Yooralla’s Customer Rights and Empowerment team please contact Rosina Savino on 03 9916 5866.

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