DSS publishes Public Consultation report

The consultation revealed widespread support for the recommendations, with many people expressing the belief that these suggestions could enhance the quality of life for individuals with disability.

IMAGE: A group of people with disability are sitting in a room with a speaker discussing a serious topic

Following a public consultation conducted from 28 November 2023 to 19 January 2024, the Department of Social Services (DSS) has issued its summary report.

About the report

The objective of this consultation was to gauge stakeholders' feedback and perspectives on the recommendations of the Disability Royal Commission (DRC), collected via online questionnaires and public submissions.

The consultation revealed widespread support for the DRC's recommendations, with many stakeholders expressing the belief that implementing these suggestions could enhance the quality of life for individuals with disability in Australia.

Key themes of the report

Several key themes emerged through the consultation:

  • Human Rights – strong support for legal protection to support the human rights of people with disability.
  • Inclusion – the implementation of the DRC recommendations will support the vision of an inclusive Australia.
  • The central role of people with disability in implementation - Stakeholders stressed the importance of centring the voices and experiences of people with disability, involving disability representative organisations, and ensuring genuine co-design and leadership by individuals with disability in all stages of reform.
  • The future of special/segregated settings – There were differing views on the issue of services exclusively for people with disability. While some see disability-specific settings as discriminatory, others, including some parents, carers, and teaching staff, believe these settings meet specific needs. However, all agree on the need for better accessibility and inclusion in mainstream settings.

What's next

We are currently waiting on the Australian Government to formally respond to the recommendations of the DRC, including a plan for the implementation of any recommendations and more. An update on their progress to date (available in Easy Read, large print and Braille) was released on 13 March 2024.

Yooralla will continue to keep the community up to date with any progress and developments on the recommendations of the DRC. Please refer to our NDIS reforms webpage for any updates on the DRC and the NDIS review.

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