Jade loves her job as a Disability Support Worker

Jade has been a Disability Support Worker for almost two years mainly in the Community Inclusion division. She’s also worked in Residential Services and Community Hubs. Jade outlines four key aspects of her job that she loves below:

Four best things about working as a Disability Support Worker at Yooralla

1. Flexibility

The flexibility as hours are available 24/7 if you want them. You can work based on hours that suit you or around another job if you work two jobs.

2. Variety

The variety is fantastic! I work in many different environments and with so many people with different interests and needs. No two days are ever the same! I love working one on one with clients helping them have fun which is what I do mostly. We go out and do activities, go on day trips, whatever the clients want to do.

3. Learning new skills

So not only do our clients learn a lot from us but I also learn a lot from the clients. We’re there to help our clients do the activities they want to do and fulfil their wishes which I also learn a lot from.

4. Rewarding work

It’s really rewarding work supporting people with disability to help achieve their goals. As a Disability Support Worker, you get to see the pride and enjoyment in the clients’ faces. You also get to help people learn new life skills, watch them learn new skills firsthand and empower them to make their own decisions. My clients take pride in what they’re doing and pride in their newfound skills. I really enjoy making clients happy as they achieve their goals – what’s more rewarding than that?

Interested in a rewarding and flexible new career?

Interested in a rewarding and flexible new career?

Join the Yooralla team as a Disability Support Worker!

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