Yooralla's 2022-23 Annual Report

In our second year of delivering on our strategy, we are proud to reflect on the initiatives highlighted in this Annual Report.

In this year’s report, we showcase how we have been supporting our clients, in alignment with our 2021-24 Strategic Plan.

What's included

We share key highlights and feature stories coupled with our new and improved branding, to demonstrate how we have been supporting our clients within each of Yooralla’s strategic objectives.

We share stories of our incredible clients and the work of Yooralla, including:

There's also an in-depth infographic about some of our organisational achievements throughout the year, including training, our workforce and training, details of our advocacy work, research highlights, information about our fundraising and philanthropy efforts and much more.

The report also provides detailed information about Yooralla’s activities and financial performance over the past financial year.

IMAGE a hand holding the Annual report in print form

Yooralla's 2022-23 Annual Report

You can download our report to keep on the below link

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