Support clients in a range of settings

Diverse locations

Yooralla has disability support work available in different settings, and each option comes with its own benefits and challenges. Some of our people choose to work across different settings for this exact reason.

  • Are you wanting overnight shifts so you can study or be with your kids during the day?
  • Would you like to get out and about and enjoy fun outings in the community?

Yooralla has a variety of roles available to suit your needs, and also to support our clients to achieve their goals in different ways.

Residential Accommodation DSWs

Support people with disability mostly in their homes (this might be group or shared accommodation) and to go to appointments, shopping etc. Our residential accommodation DSWs find working in this setting works for them because:

  • overnight shifts are available to fit in around their daytime personal commitments
  • work regular shifts and locations – so they know in advance where and when they will be working, and
  • they support people with vital daily living and personal care needs that are essential to their quality of life; and support the development of our client’s daily living skills.

Community and Recreation DSWs

Support people with disability to get out and about in the community to participate in social, recreational, learning and employment activities, and to achieve their social and community participation and employment goals. This may include providing support in peoples’ individual homes. Our Community Services DSWs love this role because:

  • they get to have fun whilst supporting our customers to have fun, learn and socialise – attending events, activities, social engagements and holidays
  • they can work with young people, for example taking them on exciting day trips for the school holidays and on weekends
  • the work is often in the daytime, and
  • permanent and casual work is available in a variety of locations supporting a variety of different clients, to keep things interesting!

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