Infectious disease

Yooralla's Disability Health team can help clients access antiviral treatments and vaccines to minimise illness and hospitalisation. We can also connect you with resources about COVID-19 and other health threats.

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Infectious diseases are illnesses that are transmitted through contaminated surfaces, food, water or organisms.

People with disability may experience more serious health concerns if they contract an infectious disease. Antiviral treatments and vaccines can prevent vulnerable people from contracting some infectious disease or minimise the effects of illness. Yooralla can support clients to access these medicines by organising referrals to health services.

If you would like to discuss further, you can contact the Disability Health team by emailing

Please find resources below to help protect yourself from any current health threats.

COVID-19 and accessing antivirals

Antiviral medications assist with reducing the severity of illness, minimising the chances of hospitalisation and long-COVID. 

Vulnerable groups can be eligible to access antivirals. It is important when a person is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 they:

  • seek a prompt medical review from their GP, and
  • discuss their eligibility for antiviral medications.


You might be eligible for antivirals if you meet one of the below requirements. 

These lists are not exhaustive, if you are unsure whether you meet the eligibility please consult your GP. 

Aged between 18 - 69 years old


30 years and above and a First Nations person


Between 50 and 69 years old


70 years and older


Support resources

The sites below provide additional information from reputable sources.

Easy English resources for clients


Important contacts

Disability Health at Yooralla 

Disability Health at Yooralla 

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