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The Joyce Report

The Joyce report 2012

The Joyce Report 2012 was commissioned following the reporting of substantial incidents of abuse in late 2011. This was an independent inquiry into Yooralla’s management of allegations of assault.

The resultant report contained twenty recommendations for ways Yooralla could enhance the safety and wellbeing of clients.

The Yooralla Board reviewed the Joyce Report and endorsed 'Yooralla’s Wellbeing & Safeguards Action Plan' to address all of the recommendations, with the exception of one, which was tailored to client support needs.

All recommendations have been implemented as of June 2013. These include:

  • an increase in staff training
  • improved performance management and HR processes
  • an overhaul of processes for managing incidents
  • enhanced procedures for investigation
  • improvements to our incident reporting register
  • greater empowerment for clients
  • increased staff awareness of the impact of assault
  • clearer processes for reporting and escalation
  • stronger connections with families and external agencies
  • regular meetings with community visitors to listen to and respond to their important feedback.

Progress with monitoring 'Yooralla’s Wellbeing & Safeguards Action Plan' was delegated to the Quality, Innovation and Safeguards team, which was established to oversee implementation of strategies within the plan.

The Joyce Report also recommended that Yooralla appoint an independent auditor to audit the progress of implementation after six months and twelve months, in line with the timeline for completion of strategies within the plan.

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